Top Quality Pet Foods ZEN

Our pet foods are all made in Japan.
Main ingredients are all made in Japan.

ZEN is Main ingredients are all made in Japan.

We use a fresh meat and fresh fish and farm products which were chosen carefully, and it is cooked at low temperature slowly and carefully. Low temperature cooking costs with time, but we can keep a good taste of ingredients and leave the nutrition as much as possible. We adopt the original recipe that made the most of the ingredients without using the synthetic preservative and antioxidant and coloring agent and fragrance at all.

We do not compromise with quality, and promise to offer a pet food which can recommend to customers with confidence.

High-quality Ingredients

We select high-quality ingredients without compromising and use ingredients which were produced in Japan as much as possible. If there are good for the health of the dog, we use ingredients which were produced in foreign countries.
China ingredients non-use.


We use fresh white fishes(cod) which are caught in Japan as a raw fish. It contains a lot of High-Quality protein.




We use adzuki beans which made in Japan. The adzuki bean contains an isoflavone, flavonoids, polyphenol, vitamins and mineral. It is familiar food in Japan which has been used for sacred rites from ancient times because the red of the adzuki bean is said to be the color to expel wicked.


We use sweet potatoes which are made in Japan. It contains a lot of nutrients such as the dietary fiber and mineral and vitamins. The jalapin which is a peculiar ingredient of sweet potato helps health maintenance of the digestion.


We use a whole apple. Apples contain a plentiful polyphenol and vitamins and mineral and the apple pectin which is an ingredient peculiar of an apple helps maintenance of the good enteral environment. In Britain, It is said, "one apple a day keeps away a doctor".

Products feature


Healthy Brain

We consider the health of the brain function by using the ferulic acid.


Healthy kidney

We consider the health of the kidney by using adzuki bean which contain the saponin.


Healthy Stomach and Intestines

We use consider the health of the stomach and intestines by using an oligosaccharide and the extract of lactic acid bacterium generation to work enteral good bacteria.


Healthy Immunity

We consider the maintenance of the immunity by using garlic, ginger, enoki Mushroom and dry yeast which contain β glucan.


Healthy Skin

We consider the health of the skin by using the coconut oil, the kuril including DHA/EPA which is a kind of an omega 3 fatty acid.


Healthy Joint

We consider the health of the joint by using a turmeric and grape seed extract which contain a proanthocyanidin.


Reduction of the feces odor

The limonite adsorbs hydrogen sulfide and the ammonia which occur in the body in the process of digestion and absorption and controls the smell of feces.